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2305 Mega Hay Rack - 20 inch wide

2305 Mega Hay Rack - 20 inch wide

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Lagomorphs like our bunny friends have an interesting gut system that needs lots of fiber on a very regular basis. As a result, your bunny needs high fiber hay daily...and lots of it. The problem is that there hasn't been a good way to give it to them without making a huge mess or wasting so much of it...until now.

Regular pet store style hay racks are just too small to hold enough hay for your bunny. So we made a better one. It is my pleasure to introduce to you the Leith Petwerks Mega Hay Rack available in 12 and 20" sizes! An ample 6 1/2" deep by 11" tall by either 12" or 20" wide design that fits our Bunny Abode and holds lots of hay. The 20" wide hay rack can accommodate whole flakes of hay from compressed bales! Makes hay feeding a breeze.

Whether you have a little bunny or one that eats like a horse, this hay rack will give them loads of hay in one safe, easy, convenient system. To make it even easier for your bunny, just hang it over their litter pan to catch any small pieces. With most bunnies the large hay rack will hold enough to easily last them the weekend or longer. No more having to add hay twice a day. Yet it stays up out of their litter meaning cleaner and fresher hay all day long.

Assembly is as easy as screwing two hooks into the pre-drilled holes and you're ready for hay. Our Hay Racks all have SOLID backs to them to keep hay inside your enclosure.

Finally there is a solution to your bunny's hay needs and this line of Mega Hay Racks are large enough for even the biggest appetites. Get yours today, you'll be glad you did and SO WILL YOUR BUNNY!

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