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6300 E-Z Feet - wire cage floor mat

6300 E-Z Feet - wire cage floor mat

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Ouch, ooh, ow...NO MORE!  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, that's better.

Wire bottom cages can cause painful sores to develop on the bottom of tender bunny feet. Referred to as sore hocks," this condition can be difficult to treat, and can result in open sores prone to infection.

The best approach to sore hocks is by preventing it! Providing a comfortable solid floor for your rabbit to sit on is the best choice. If you currently have a wire bottomed cage and cannot change your rabbit's living environment, covering the floor with EZ Feet will help.

Each mat is 10 x 14 inches and has a softer, wider, rounded type of grid that will be kinder to bunny feet. Each mat has little tabs on the ends so you can use multiple mats to cover the entire floor area. Comes in an attractive stone/light gray color.

Made in USA

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