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5210. Bunny Genius - Five of Cups

5210. Bunny Genius - Five of Cups

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Where is the treat...only you know!  Your bunny will have to search for the treats and remove the cups to find their surprise. Just put your bunny's favorite treats in one or more of the hollows and cover with the cups. 

A great plaything to keep your bunny active, engaged, and to provide enrichment.

The entire item is made of bunny safe Poplar and Bagasse Fiber (sugarcane fiber) cups. They can eat the WHOLE thing, if they want to.

You can use lots of different treats to see which they find first! We give you two sets (10 total) of the cups...because they're probably gonna take off with them a and eat ''s ok, they're safe for bunny. 

*treats not included* 

Made right here in the USA, by us at Petwerks, with all natural Poplar, Birch, and/or Maple

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