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2030 48 inch Add-On Bunny Abode Condo Level (w/hole)

2030 48 inch Add-On Bunny Abode Condo Level (w/hole)

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Do you need more room than you originally thought, or has your furry family expanded since you purchased your Single or Double 48 inch Bunny Abode Condo? No problem!

Purchase this Add-On Condo Level to turn your 48 inch Bunny Abode Condo into the next larger size! For instance, if you have a 48 inch Single Level Condo, and you purchase the 48 inch Add-On Condo Level, the result will be a 48 inch Double Level Bunny Abode Condo that is exactly the same as if you had bought it in the first place!

Each 48 inch Add-On Condo Level comes with everything you need: a floor level with ramp, removable carpet, and wire walls. Our image attempts to show this!

If you would like this level to be Chubby Bunny sized (larger floor opening and larger ramp) please mention this in the comments section of your order...there is no additional charge for this.

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