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1600 LOTS of Love Bunny Toy & Treat Pack

1600 LOTS of Love Bunny Toy & Treat Pack

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Show 'em you love 'em T...H...I...S...Much! There are tons of toys and treats in this pack. It is sure to keep them safely busy and entertained...for months. 

LOTS of bunny safe cardboard chews, lots of bunny safe Apple and/or Pear chewy wood, safe Poplar chew blocks. One pound each packs of healthy bunny pound of Timothy pellets (just ground timothy hay), one pound of Orchard grass pellets (just ground orchard grass hay), and one pound of whole oats! 

Also includes a cute little stuffed bunny toy just for you (don't give it to your bunny). is kinda a lot!

Shipping is Included.

While supplies last. Get 'em today before they're gone.

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