Price: $229.99
You Save: $16.95 (6.9%)

    Item #: PL450
    Availability: Discontinued

    After seeing all the amazing possibilities with the Bunny Playland are you at a loss for where to start...yeah, we were too until the bunnies told us what we should do.

    We have combined several of the basic pieces in one convenient kit to get you started on your way to Playland bliss. PLUS you save $16.95 (over buying the individual pieces)!

    In this kit you get:
    (1) 12 inch 3-way TUNNEL (the 'T' junction)
    (1) 15 inch 2-way TUNNEL
    (1) 30 inch 2-way TUNNEL
    (1) 30 inch TUBE (with the stands)

    (1) Playland Toy Bar

    (1) Playland Ramp

    This gives you a great starter set and you can add other pieces at any time including the Bunny-N-Clyde Hideouts, the Vacation Villa, any of our hanging toys...just go WILD for your bunny.

    Where it ends is entirely up to you.