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    Do you have one of those incredibly messy bunnies that just won't quite make the litter pan? WE DO - and we're sure that there are some others out there that do too. We know, because a customer contacted us about this very issue. This happens quite often as bunnies reach their golden years. After about eight years old, the bathroom habits sometimes regress. These liners make cleaning a breeze!<br
    You simply unroll this cardboard liner on the floor of the Bunny Abode and put all their toys, food bowls, water dishes (or bottles), and litter pan back in the condo...along with the bunny, of course.

    We've found that each liner will last about a week, so we've bundled them together to provide an economical and efficient alternative to your regular cleaning routine. You just roll it back up and pull it out the doorway of your Bunny Abode, then right into the trash...it is as simple as that!

    Sized to fit the 48 Bunny Abode bottom level. Comes as a convenient four pack.

    And, YES, of course this is safe for bunny to chew on!