Caring for your house rabbit

cute little long earsRabbits are wonderful social creatures with their own unique traits. They are quite different from dogs and cats, both in physiology and mental/emotional characteristics. The key to building a strong relationship with your lagomorph friend is to consider the world from their perspective: as a small, vulnerable prey animal. With the proper attention and consideration -- and acceptance of each animal's individual personality -- your rabbit can form a strong bond with you, and learn to explore their world with their natural curiosity and confidence empowered by the safe environment you create for them.

If you are a new rabbit owner, we strongly suggest you get a copy of the House Rabbit Handbook, hands down the best resource available to introduce you to everything you'll need to know to care for hour house rabbit. It's an easy read, filled with concise information, and adorable photos of life with a rabbit in the house: where they should be!

You may also enjoy the wealth of information available at the House Rabbit Society at On their main page, in the left column you'll find links to their HRS Chapters, education groups, and other rabbit rescue partners. If you are seeking your first companion rabbit, or looking to expand your family, rescuing a rabbit in need of a home is a beautiful thing! Those organizations can help you find options right in your own community, or ways to network to get what you need.

We're always happy to answer questions our friends and customers may have. We have over 20 years of experience in caring for our own rabbits, as well as participating in rescue and fostering. If we don't know the answer, we'll do our best to find it for you! Email Amy or Scot at

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