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Petwerks Office Spring Break Closure

The Petwerks offices will be closed Monday March 6th through Friday, March 17th for a Spring Break visit to family. You may still order from our online catalog during this time, however orders won't ship until we return. Have a great spring break!

Price: $5.99

    Item #: AS180
    Availability: In Stock

    This year's batch is fantastic...thick and flavorful apple and pear sticks!

    Wow...our bunnies just yank these right out of our hands. They like these sticks so much better than those 'other' ones.

    In fact, Charmin had a whole basket of the 'other' sticks in her home when I presented her with these and she ate them in their entirety. Not just stripping off the bark like on her other ones, she ate these until they were GONE.

    Made from all natural pear and apple fruit tree twigs, we are providing you with a tasty chewing sensation that your pets are sure to love. Comes in a bundle of ten sticks approximately six inches long and varying in thickness for your pet's chewing enjoyment.

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