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    Item #: PC440
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    A portable kennel will keep your bunny safe and comfortable during outings to the vet or elsewhere.

    High impact plastic is rated for airline use, and has a sturdy ergonomic carrying handle on the top, easy grasp flip-clip style locks on the side and a secure spring latch on the door. None of those pesky little thumbscrew style connectors!

    • Rated for up to 10#
    • Measures:  19 in. x 12.6 in. x 10 in
    • Meets international (IATA) & domestic (USDA) air travel requirements
    • Eco-Friendly 25% recycled content
    • Made in the USA !!!
    • Colors may vary...the manufacturer changes them often
    • vet and trainer recommended

    Color may vary, but these are a very nice solid carrier that works well for small to mid sized bunnies.

    For the sake of your pet's safety, make sure you have a carrier for each pet in your never know when you may have to make a quick getaway!