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Hand Feeding Syringe -10 mil
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Item #: GR515 -

2tbs/10ml Hand Feeding Syringe - Great for hand feeding babies or ill animals. The new syringes are not mounted on a card like the one in the picture, but this allows us to pass the savings on to YOU!

Hand Feeding/Flushing Syringe - 30 cc
Price: $4.49
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Item #: GR516 -

This larger 30 mil syringe makes it easier to feed those larger pets their mashed foods and supplements. Because it is larger, it is easier to load too! If you ever have to deal with hand is worth every penny. Works great for flushing and irrigating wounds too. To use for feeding, you may want to cut the tip back to make feeding easier. There should be one in every first aid kit!

Hand Feeding/Flushing Syringe 12 cc
Price: $3.99
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Item #: GR517 -

These are handy little buggers. Whether you need to administer ground foods or flush an abscess, a good little syringe helps. This 12cc curved-tip plastic syringe has no graduated marking on it for administering medications, but works splendidly for wound washing and feeding fine-ground foods. If you need, you can snip the tip with scissors to make it easier when giving food via syringe. The curved tip helps to get the food in their mouth rather than all over their face. A perfect addition to...

Zoom Groom
Price: $9.99
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Item #: GR800 -

While this product is marketed for cats, it's works wonderfully on other pets as well! The soft, flexible brush is safe for delicate bunny skin, and it magically pulls loose hair out. Hair stays within the brush, instead of flying away! We were amazed when we tested this product on Dinkum, the shedding wonder bunny.

Door Hold-Back Latch
Price: $3.99
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Item #: MS125 -

Many Bunny Abode owners have asked for a way to hold the door open. Here is what we use! It's a small metal latch that has doggie leash" style clips on each end.You may leave the latch attached to either the door or the condo side when not in use."

E-Z Feet - wire cage floor mat
Price: $6.99
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Item #: MS930 -

Ouch, ooh, ow...NO MORE!  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh, that's better. Wire bottom cages can cause painful sores to develop on the bottom of tender bunny feet. Referred to as sore hocks," this condition can be difficult to treat, and can result in open sores prone to infection.The best approach to sore hocks is by preventing it! Providing a comfortable solid floor for your rabbit to sit on is the best choice. If you currently have a wire bottomed cage and cannot change your rabbit's living environment,...

Bunny Abode Condo Silicone Sealant
Price: $8.99
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Item #: MS944 -

If you have one of those bunnies that just doesn't want to grasp the concept of litter training or that has maybe lost their bathroom habits due to age, we have just the thing - safe silicone sealant! - safe for food contact - safe for aquariums - harmless All you do is run a small (approximately 1/8 thick) bead of the silicone right where the flooring meets the Poplar side rails and it creates a waterproof (urine proof!) seal to protect against any seepage down over the edges. This gives you...

Spit Flex Cord/Bunny Protector
Price: $8.99
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Item #: MS975 -

I don't know about you, but I REALLY don't like getting electrical shocks. Yet, rabbits just love to chew the insulation off electrical cords leaving me a wonderful surprise when I reach to find out why the lights have gone out. -POP- ouch! It seems as though we are always triying to find a way to stay one step ahead of our bunnies. Crafty little devils that they are. Here's a wonderful solution to that problem. 8 feet of 3/4 inch diameter split flex tubing to kepp bunny teeth at bay. Sure...

Black Exercise Pen 42 inch tall
Price: $99.99
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Item #: PP105 -

Exercise Pens (referred to as x-pens) are a great way to provide a safe space for a house bunny, whether it be his personal home or a space in the yard (supervised use, only please!), or at a friend's house. They also work 'really' well attached to the our Bunny Abode to create a safe and sizeable pleay space. Just attach one end to the left-front and the other end to the right-front of the Bunny Abode and you have sixteen square feet of play yard! Our foster homes use these, and love them! 8...

Baby Bites Cardboard Chews (10 pack)
Price: $4.99
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Item #: TC050 -

Small cardboard rings that are fun for flinging and/or chewing. A great toy and chewing diversion for your pet rabbit, guinea pig, rat, chinchilla, ferret, hamster, or gerbil! In a convenient 10 pack.

Fruity Chews - Small 10 Pack
Price: $8.99
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Item #: TC150 -

Colorful, fruit flavored cardboard tubes are a perfect toy for tossing and chewing. Bunnies love them, as do other small animals such as mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, even ferrets! Small tubes measure 1 in. across and 3 in. long. Assorted colors (please allow us to choose).

Critter Cave Chew XXL
Price: $12.99
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Item #: TC300 -

Colorful cardboard tubes are a perfect toy for chewing, rolling, and running through! Bunnies love them, as do other small animals such as mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, even ferrets! This big, long lasting chew toy will last for weeks and measures 6 1/4 in. by 10 in. Assorted colors, please allow us to choose.