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    Why should dogs have all the fun...and all the wholesome goodness. Bunnies will love these healthy treats. Yes, they are labeled for dogs, but they are perfectly suited for bunnies...when will manufacturers learn that there are hungry bunnies out there too?!

    Each treat is less than 9 calories, they come in a variety of fantastic flavors, and you get a lot in a 7.5 ounce bag (approximately 90 pieces or a 90 day supply for one bunny).

    Organic Oatmeal
    Pearled Barley
    Whole Ground Potatoes
    Oat Fiber
    Canola Oil
    Organic Cane Molasses

    THAT'S IT...they smell so good I want to eat them, but the bunnies want them all so I don't get any.

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