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    WOW...finally a HUGE, durable, attractive, easily cleaned bowl that attaches to the bunny's home. No more bunny throwing the bowl down the ramp.

    It is a very sizable 48 ounces. The Mega bowl measures a whopping 8 inches wide by five inches front to back, by 2 3/4 inches deep. It should easily hold enough water for a weekend. Any bigger and it could be a bunny bed (well, maybe not)!

    These bowls would also work really well as a catch basin beneath any water bottle to catch any water the bunny misses, rather than spilling it all over the bunny home. It even works great on an x-pen!

    I love these so much that I am switching all of our bunnies bowls over to these. Holds plenty of bunny salads or water or...if you were to ask the bunnies...they would be for all their bunny treats!