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I received the Bunny Abode Condo. My mini-lop Oreo loves it! It was his first birthday present. Now I feel so guilty that he has been living in that pet store cage for a year!


I wanted you to know that the double bunny abode that I ordered arrived yesterday and my 7-year old and I put it together in about 20 minutes last night. Misty and Cosmo love their new home; Misty (female Rex) ran upstairs right away to hang out. Cosmo (male Dutch) was a little more cautious about the ramp, but finally figured it out and joined Misty in the "bedroom." Cosmo was so happy in his new house that he kept licking my hand whenever I opened the door. What a great product!


Your selection is perfect. It took me many years (and lots of searching and experimentation) to find the things that bunnies love most, only to see them all included on your website.

And you have the perfect solution to the bale of hay storage problem (the 9 lb box fits perfectly in a standard plastic storage bin).

The willow rings have been such a hit, we sent them out as gifts to other bunnies that we know.

Thank you for assembling such a convenient resource.


My husband and I are the loving owners of a mini-lop named Gunner. We just discovered your website and are so thrilled with it. It is just great and we are looking forward to receiving the order. We are sure that Gunner will be very happy with all of the items and we are sure we will be shopping on your site again soon. Thank you for providing a great source for bunny supplies. They can be difficult to find. Keep us the great work!

Thank you,

I recently purchased chew tunnels from your company for my pet bunny, and they turned out to be a big hit with her. She spends hours in there chewing and digging up the tunnel, I never seen her have so much fun with an object before. I am also so grateful that I received my package very quickly after placing my order on your site.

thanks so much for the great bunny toys they are a big hit with my bunny


Dear everyone at Leith Petwerks,

Thank you so much with helping get my cage to me. It was easy enough to assemble that I did it on my own. My bunnies settled in to it almost immediately and adore playing on the ramp between cages. It is apparently fun to see what happens when you hurl all your toys down the ramp. My boyfriend saw the cage assembled and was thrilled to see how attractive it was. It is a perfect fit for our home décor.

Thank you!

E, M and P

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how grateful we are for your company. We have 4 rabbits and love to spoil them. It it so obvious how much experience you've had living with bunnies to know how to make the perfect cage that fits their needs, and the owner's needs. Before I came across your website I was struggling to find the right kind of cage for our first bunny Ernesto about 5 years ago. It was so frustrating. They were either all metal, or too small, or too expensive, not made for bunny comfort, etc. But we found you and spent the money for the 36" bunny abode and it was perfect! Ernesto has since passed away (sadly enough) but we passed his condo on to our next bunny that we adopted, Buster. Since then we've purchased a 48" condo for our bunny couple Aspen and Bailey, and are getting ready to buy another condo for a rabbit we just recently adopted, Cody. The treats that you sell are hard to find in regular pet stores too. They don't sell the straw mats anymore and Aspen loves to shred them to make her nests. All the pet stores in my area have discontinued carrying them. When I saw that you had them on your website today I was so excited and relieved. She can be really crabby when it's that time of year and she doesn't have her mats to shred. So I just wanted to tell you that you guys are the greatest! Thank you for providing such great service, great products and a friendly family atmosphere. Thank god for Leith Petwerks!! I don't know what I'd do without you!

Thank you,

Thanks Amy.

"Puff Tabby" wants you to know he loves his 3 story.. he has a view of his outside herb garden and bird bath. Life with a LeithPetwerks [Condo] is like being on Vacation everday for our lagomorph. He is one pampered bunny.. when people come to visit the first thing they see is the condo and you should here the gasps of delight..surely the condo has opened many
people eyes to the joys of rabbit companionship..and then they see the little furball kng that lives there and the entertainment
begins...ahhh..bunny love..its the best.

Have a great weekend,

Just writing to say thank you... I received my 48" Double Bunny Abode today after ordering it only about a week ago. All the parts and extras were included in the box which was great.

Usually I am skeptical about ordering anything based on pictures on the web, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the bunny abode was just as it appeared on your site. I found it pretty easy to assemble and appreciate the care you take in making it that way. The colored stickers for example are small touches, but make it so much easier to figure out what goes where. I found the bunny abode to be well crafted and pretty nice looking compared to other cages out there. Considering I am keeping it in the middle of the living room, this was a big consideration! My rabbit LoLo has the run of the house while I am home, and also has a nice hutch for outdoors (only during the day and in nice weather). At night and while I am at work his new home will be the Bunny Abode. So far he seems to like it just fine.

So thank you again for sending a great product in such a short amount of time. Both LoLo and I appreciate it!




I just wanted to say...Thank you!!! My bun Spike LOVES her new 2 story Bunny Abode. I've never seen her so happy. One problem though...she never wants to come out!!! She has run of the house, but spends most of her time lounging on the carpeted 2nd story of her new home.

Thank you again (Spike thanks you, too!)


Hi Amy,

Thanks for responding to my email...I just wanted to let you know that so far the condo is working out great. LoLo spent his first night in it last night. When I arrived home from work tonight I let him out, and after running around (terrorizing my cats--he's such a little bully!!) he ended up going back in and sprawling out. This made me feel so good because I feel like he is comfortable and feels safe. That means everything to me! Also just FYI, he went right up the ramp on the first night--no problem! Of course he also chases my cats right up the stairs without hesitation, so there is really no stopping this little guy!

I just ordered another set of chew guards and some hay and chew sticks from you, and I see they will already be delivered this week. Thanks so much for the great service, and good luck with your new building. I'm sure I will be ordering more fun things for LoLo in the future!

Thanks again,


Hi Scot,

I know that your email to me following the order I place was just a basic email that you send out to everyone who places an order. But I thought it was so nice. Your company is so great to work with and you sell quality products. The best part about your company is that you actually have bunnies. I just adopted my third bunny. When I get some good pictures I'll send some for your newsletter. I now have an agouti female lop (Cecelia)who weighs in at a hefty 8 1/2 lbs, a gray and white helicopter earred male who weighs about 6 lbs (Giorgio) and the new bunny is 5-6 months old...all white female, French Lop and her name is Mia. Mia weighs about 6 lbs now and still has some growing to do, I'm told. I think Giorgie is part lop and part dutch.

I wanted to share this info with you. Thanks again. By the way, I really enjoy your newsletter.


I have to tell you that my bunny could not be happier! She absolutely LOVES her 3 story condo! She is the most spoiled bunny in the world anyway (I'm sure!), but I bought this cage for me too. I no longer feel guilty having to leave her in some dinky cage when I have to work a long day. She goes into her cage on her own and loves to just lay on the top shelf and act like she owns the world! She is so happy, which makes me happy! I have taken pictures of the cage to show to all the people I
know who have bunnies. They think it is absolutely great! Great job on a great cage! Prissy, my bunny, and I thank you!!!


Hi there,

I just opened the box today and saw the little bunny in with the item I ordered. Thank you! I wish I knew more bunny owners to send your way. Your products and your business ethics and practice are outstanding. Thank you so much for the gift and for all that you offer to help me help keep my bunnies happy and healthy!

I look forward to doing more business with you in the future!



My bunny condo came in today- so fast! If we enjoy this one as much as our 3 story condo, we will be more than thrilled. Your condos are wonderful. Thanks for such a great product coupled with great service.


Dear Scot and Amy,
I just wanted to let you know that my two bunnies love their bunny abode. I put the new ramp on and they took to their new home right away. They have free run of my kitchen and I leave the door to the bunny abode open all the time, and they spend most of their time on the top floor. Thank your for this design and all the work you put into them and for your patience with all my needs.

Thanks again,

I recently placed my first order with Leith and promptly received delivery. I can't tell you how much our bunny loved the rabbit toys! He's led such a boring life until today because I never knew what to give him to play with, fearing he'd eat it and get sick or hurt.

When Bun first smelled the lovely natural tree scent of his willow ring, he kicked up his heels with joy, bolted sideways, and leaped about in a most humorous way. He then proceeded to hold it in his teeth while standing on his hind legs and throw it around happily. He did likewise with his basket of goodies and willow ball. I can't believe he's been deprived of toys all this time! Poor guy. Anyway, thanks for providing safe bunny toys and variety hays. Bun says, "nudged, head-butt, teeth-chatter-purr" which means, "thanks!"


The double bunny abode arrived just as your UPS tracking e-mail stated. It was put together in approx 15 minutes and looks great. It's the best made, very spacious and most comfortable housing for buns on the market—this is the third double abode I've purchased. Thanks for excellent crafstmanship and ease of assembly. The buns and I love it.


I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with your service and product. I ordered not 2 weeks ago and My bunny's new home arrived today! It was so easy to put together I did it myself. I introduced our bunny to it alittle while ago and he bounded up the ramp to have a look-see. Just 2 months ago he was a pet let loose into the cold streets of NJ, by owners that just didn't love him anymore and today he is sitting in the lap of luxury in a bunny condo by you fine people!!

What a Life! We will send pictures when we can! Thanks again............you are great!


Just writing to let you know how much my bunnies and I love your products. I ordered a double level condo over three years ago for my two dwarf rabbits. Not only do the bunnies love it, the condo looks just as good today as the day I ordered it! They just adore the second level--it's their
afternoon nap space. Thanks for the high quality products and for caring about bunnies.


Hi. I purchased a Bunny Adobe two level home. I have only had it for a couple of days. I already love it. The instructions said that it would only take 15 minutes to put up. I was doubtful that I would be able to put it together in that short of a time...but I did. I could not believe it was that easy. Samantha took to it right away. I feel much better about her in the adobe than in the cage with levels that I had. Cleaning it is so much easier...about less that half the time, and the litter box fits in and out of the door. I had to remove the whole top part of the cage to get to it before. I also like the way the ladder is secured to the top level rather than snapping it into grips and the way
that doors open to the side rather then dropping down. I am really glad that I purchased this cage, and we both like it much better. Also I'm glad I did purchased the 48" one. Thank you for having such a great product!!!!!!


Your products have been a real improvement to the lives of all my furry family members and to me because I know they're happy!

Thanks for providing such a great service. I've always been 100% satisfied with everything I've purchased.


My bunnies, Gucci and Amelia, would like to thank you for your fast service and wonderful website. They always get very excited when their Bunny Basics T and Kaytee Rainbow Exact arrive (along with any extra treats)! We would like to share a picture of them enjoying some holiday food with you.


The bunny abode arrived safe and sound today. Your UPS notification and link is A+. It was nice to know that the cage was arriving. As your instructions state -- it only took minutes to put the abode together and it looks great. The buns love it and so do we.

Thanks again for making such a superb, easy to assemble product. This is the second abode we've purchased from you. Bought the first one approx 4 years ago and it's still in great shape and again, the buns love it -- some days they don't even want to come out of the abode. Have a Happy Holiday season.

L.K. in West Allis, WI

Thank you for my recent order. The bunny condo is assembled and anxiously awaiting the return of my rabbit from his "grandparents" house! My husband (who's never really been a pet person) can't get over the size of the [condo], he thinks we are getting a rhinoceros! But, again, the quality is great and I think Mr. Hoppy is going to love it as much as we do.


I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the condo!!!!!!!!! My daughter put it together in 10 minutes and I just dumped the little furballs in each apartment. They just looked at me with these big eyes. Now they love it!! Honey can stretch out now and even Sugar comes into the apartment to eat. I put a piece of carpeting in and it is WONDERFUL!!!! I would recommend this condo to anyone. If you need references, you may certainly use me. Thank you again. You have a wonderful and well-made product!


The [condo] is great! Clark and Rusty loved it. They have so much space they don't know what to do with themselves. They spent all morning running up and down the ramp and exploring their new home. Also the instructions were very easy to use. A million thanks!!!!!


Hello all at Petwerks. Just a quick message of thanks for the wonderful Bunny Abode. The rabbits are checking out the new home each night at playtime and all my friends think it is the most attractive piece of furniture I own! Thank you all very much.


After several weeks of having our two story condo, we love it more than ever! Love having Ricky closer to our eye level. Cleaning it is so easy! Just as you said -- vacuum the carpeted area every week or so and wipe off the first level-- and the price was very reasonable. Thank you for ending our frustrating search for a better [condo] for Ricky!


We have been very happy with the double-level condo that we ordered for our rabbit, Petunia, some time ago. In fact, our other rabbit, Basil, now insists on having his own. Needless to say these two don't get along, but demand equal treatment! What can I say.

Karin in Ohio

Just had to let you know how well our new two-story condo has worked out. It's great for when I need to get my housebuns out from underfoot for a little bit, and they love hanging out in it!

Liz in Burke

I appreciate the quality of your customer service, and I think this will definitely keep customers coming back. By the way, our bunnies, Snuffles and Winkie, love their new home!


Got the double condo yesterday and after an hour or so of the bunny being very suspicious of this funny board going up into the air, she tried it out and loves it. She's got about four times the room she had! Thanks for all your help and the prompt service!


Thank you for the 2 story bun condo. It arrived very quickly and in good condition. It assembled easily and works great. All my friends laugh when I tell them I have a bun condo that has linoleum on the first floor and carpeting on the second. Thanks for everything,


I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU! I received my double story bunny condo about a month ago and it is great. My bunny is so happy. He absolutely loves his new home. You designed and built a wonderful abode for one of our most cherished pets. When I need pet products in the future, I will always check your website first. Again, many thanks.

M. Vaughn

Please send me an invoice to order a single level condo with hinged top. I ordered one from you a few weeks ago and I love it. So does Wilson. But now Mulder's homemade [condo] looks inadequate and I promised her a brand new one just like Wilson's. Please hurry or I'll be in the 'doghouse'. Thank you!

Susan in New Jersey

Our condo arrived at the same time as our new bunny! We put it together in ten minutes and it looks fantastic. Ricky is in it now, thinking about trying the ramp. Our new Angel will be added later. We are impressed! Thank you for the communications; we'll show the condo off to all our rabbit friends.

P.M. in Strongsville