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    Our condos are made of untreated poplar hardwood so they are safe to nibble on here and there.

    However, some customers were concerned about their more voracious chewers. In response, we created a very simple chew guard that the bunnies can chew on, and you can replace again and again, if necessary.

    This item is very simple in design: it's a set of wooden rails, slightly taller than the existing inner ridge, that stand there ready for chewing!

    In the image shown here, the normal bottom edge of the condo is tinted PINK, so you can easily see the thicker, taller chew guards that are covering the normal edge of the inner condo.

    MOST customers will not need this add-on. However, it's here should you want the option!

    Order one set for each level of your condo. For instance, if you want to protect each level of a triple condo, you'd need to order THREE sets.

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    For Bunnies who are Beasts!

    • price
    • quality
    • perfect fit
    • for chewers
    Absolutely necessary for the chompers in Bunny Nation. Helps to have a simple screw drill for assembly. Good thickness and perfect fit - but one for each level!