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    Does your Bunny Abode need a little lift? We have just the thing. We have made a full height Base Cabinet (BA150) for quite a few years that allows you to create a large storage space beneath your Bunny Abode as well as lift the main living level(s) up so they are even easier for you to access.

    Due to customer requests, we have the Short Base Cabinet. It provides a 12 inch lift to your Bunny Abode and still allows you to use your casters so you can move the Bunny Abode around as needed.

    You will use your current Bunny Abode Bottom Level as this 'kit' includes: a carpet for inside the storage area, side and back walls, and a solid Middle Level floor to create a 'new' Bottom Floor for the bunny's living area. So, it is a little different than it looks in the picture below...that was the previous version. This one is so much easier to assemble!

    Has two sliding doors and ample space inside to store toys, treats, food and even another litter pan (always good to have a backup!).

    Works with Single, Double, or Triple Level Bunny Abodes that are 48" long. This is for the 48" Bunny Abodes. We 'can' make them for the 36" Bunny Abodes but they are only by special request (just let us know in the Comments section of your order) and they are the same price, but may take up to two weeks to ship.

    Approximately 12 inches tall.