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    Now you can add even more fun and excitement to your bunny's home. We've created a 9 inch wide deck to fit inside our 36 Bunny Abode Condos! You can use this whether you have a single, double, or triple level home to expand their play and lounging space. The carpet is just laid in place and can be removed if you have one of those that loves to chew on carpet or for routine cleaning.

    The best requires NO TOOLS for assembly. Simply slide the wooden rail in through the wire spacing and hook it over the horizontal cross wires on both the front and back of the Bunny Abode. Then reach in through the doorway and put the wooden deck in place in the groove of the rail you just installed. Slide the other rail in through the wire spacing, putting the deck into the groove in that rail. Put the carpet on top and voila''re done! It is that simple.