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Turnip and SalemOctober 2011 - Bunnies Go Bump in the Night!

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Help Us Clear Out the Hay
Oodles of New Great Things!
Get a Rescue Calendar and Help All Year 'Round
Angora Lover Wanted!
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CarrotHelp Us Clear Out the Hay
by Amy Young-Leith

Luscious hay!Mother Nature makes the hay market a new game every season. (If you don't know a lot about hay, check out our previous Bunfun newsletter post and blog post that 'splains it all!)

We have a great crop of fresh, luscious, leafy hay that we are hoping to move quickly to make more room for some other projects. We are offering you a fantastic deal on this hay, which is some of the best you'll find. It is on clearance, and once this hay is gone, we won't be carrying our own hay until such an option is needed again in the future. So... get it now, while it's cool, dry and yummy! (Remember, hay can store for a very long time as long as it is kept out of sunlight and in a cool, dry place.)

Get 25 lbs of hay for only $20... that's unheard of!

Better yet, get 50 lbs of hay for only $25! That's ridiculous! Ridiculously good!

And for APD Fans, we have an overstock of the APD Timothy GOLD 25# Hay. Get a great deal -- $8 off! -- by ordering now and help us get things down to manageable levels.

CarrotOodles of New Great Things!
by Amy Young-Leith

As leaves turn vibrant colors and then fade and fall, we continue to keep an eye open and an ear out for the best products for you and your house rabbit. While many customers come to us for the Bunny Abode House Rabbit Condo, they stay for our great prices on the best products. You can always check our New Products List or our Clearance Item Page for new items and great deals.

Litter pans

New litter pans! You wouldn't believe how much time it takes to pursue the perfect litter pan. Manufacturers change styles, discontinue items, or distribution channels change and things we love--like Marchioro--are no longer available to us. Argh! But never fear, we have some of the best litter pans yet! Whether you need a new pan to replace a well used one, or if you are seeking to move up to a larger litter pan to solve a litter training problem, we've got you covered. See our selection of litter pans! Of course all of our pans fit into the Bunny Abode, as you can see above!

Organic cotton blankies are now back, thanks to a new person doing this labor of love! The blankets are super special because they are made right here in the USA just for Petwerks; they are all organic cotton; the cotton is all grown in the USA! It's perfect! Get one today!

Fun carpet colors.

Fun carpet colors.

Carpet in fun new colors. Some time ago we discontinued the dark green carpeting we'd used for many years (well, we didn't -- the manufacturer did). We do now make replacement carpets available in three colors: a slightly raspberry-like red, a nice medium mellow tan, and the standard gray. Do a little Fall Fix Up in your Bunny Abode with a new carpet! See our New Items page and select the color and whether you want the carpet WITH a ramp hole (for 2nd and 3rd levels) or without one!
Fun new Color Kits add a splash of flair and style to your Bunny Abode, regardless of when you got it. (We've been making these for 17 years now, remember!) This simple to install door guard trim comes with all condos in a standard gray; after years of use buns can nibble at it, or maybe you just want to add a little excitement! The kit will do a single level, so order as many kits as you have levels (one for a single, two for a double and three for a triple). You can get the standard gray, or choose from five fun colors. Purple is my favorite, what's yours?

Color Kits

Lixit 64 ounce Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Readily available clean water is important to rabbits thanks to their digestive system which needs plenty of water to help their high fiber diet keep moving. Some buns prefer bowls, some buns prefer bottles, and we've arrived on the solution of offering a water bottle above a bowl or crock as the ultimate solution. Here's a BIG bottle that goes the distance!


CarrotGet a Rescue Calendar and Help All Year 'Round!
by Amy Young-Leith

Paper party!Again this year we chose to support the Missouri House Rabbit Society - St Louis by being a sponsor of their Rabbit Rescue 2012 calendars. (By sponsoring, we contributed a sum of $$$ that made the printing of these calendars possible.)

These calendars feature rabbits rescued by their organization, and they offer the calendars to other rescue groups as a fundraiser as well, so your purchase not only gets you an entire year of adorable rabbits gracing your walls, but it helps both the rabbits in their rescue group, any others who use it as a fundraiser, and our foster buns!

This is a "normal" sized wall calendar, measuring 12"x 9" and includes mini calendars on each page of the following and preceding months.

Grab one for yourself, and get an extra as a gift for a friend. They will go fast, so order yours today!

Carrot Angora Lover Wanted
by Scot Leith

Indy is a foster bun who came to us as an owner surrender from someone who could no longer properly care for him. He's been with us for some time, I admit we often come dangerously close to a case of "foster failure" with our buns; that means our attempts to keep them only long enough to find them forever homes falls to our own tendency to fall in love with them. :-) It's important that this not happen, however, for there are other buns out there needing a space to come to find safety, health and socialization so they too can to on to their forever home.

So... let's find Indy a home! He's an adorable long haired Angora bun that is black and gray. He's adorable, and we are working hard to keep his coat in good shape but I admit, he's MY first Angora and often our efforts end up being "let's shave him and start over." So we hope to find him a good home with a spinner or an experienced bunny lover who knows and loves Angoras, with all the extra work and all!

If you or someone you know is interested in meeting Indy, please drop us a line! He's a sweet little guy, and will warm to his new friends with some patience, time and Craisins (or any other treat, really).

Scot and Indy

Indy sitting prettyIndy chillin' in his crib.

Indy playing it cool

Carrot Gallery of Beautiful Buns
by Amy Young-Leith

Some buns just love to play dress up. (And many more will tolerate it for the appropriate amount of lavished love and little yummies, I'm sure.)

Jennifer C. is our winner this month for sending us some adorable photos of Turnip and Salem in the fall harvest season spirit, along with a hilarious photo shoot of Turnip competing with the models on magazine covers, and coming out on top! HILARIOUS.

Thanks to all who shared their Bunnies on Their Backs this month. The "Bunny Trance" is a controversial issue -- it pays to know a little about it AND know your own bun's reaction. Trancing a bun plays on a natural instinct of prey animals to "play dead" if turned on their back in an attempt to be of less interest to a predator. Scary stuff, huh? But buns in our homes luckily don't have to worry about those things, but their brains may not know it. Some people warn against doing it, for it may stress the bun. I have found that buns who were introduced to the cradling hold, or being placed on their back at a young age are used to this and will find it relaxing (or at least tolerate it), while those that were never well socialized with this hold will indeed "trance" is such a way that you can tell they are not relaxed at all, but rather tense and anxious, ready to break out of the position in a jiffy... and will sometimes even thump at you after being placed back down afterwards.

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!

So judge by their reaction, it's easy to tell... is your bun's body loose and limp as you do this, or are they tense and trembling? Use your own judgment. I've had rabbits that were so okay with this position that it was the perfect method for trimming toenails. Dinkum used to just go limp like a rag, but was a little lap lounger anyway and would sit in your lap and end up on his back by just squirming around.

And here's some seasonal fun from other Petwerks friends, too!

Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween! Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween!

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