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BrusterAugust 1, 2011: Let's Celebrate!

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Helping Out the Little Guys
Beat the Summer Heat with a Petwerks T-shirt
Petwerks Helps Out at Bunny Fest
Gallery of Beautiful Buns
Online Fun

Note: We had a difficulty with our mailing list. We had to recreate it. I did my best to include all subtractions requested, but apologize if I missed anyone!

CarrotHelping Out the Little Guys
by Amy Young-Leith

At Petwerks we've had our own buns and their various emergencies, rushed to the aid of buns in need of rescue and even helped local authorities handle cases of abuse and neglect. It's impossible to forget that in each instance, there is an animal in need, and humans who have put their heart and sanity on the line in an attempt to help.

Recently Scot received a most interesting order. He rushed to fill it, and the relieved recipient's response tells the whole story!

To Scot & all of you at Petwerks....

My deepest appreciation for your kindness on shipping the Critical Care so quickly!! I received it this afternoon & cried when I saw what you wrote on the box. I have already started it & he likes it. Gilbert and I are truly blessed to have found someone such as you! Your compassion for a stranger & a baby 'roo will not be forgotten!

I am the vet tech & animal care manager for a safari park. "Gilbert" is a 6 month old red kangaroo (joey) who broke his leg a month ago while in his Mom's pouch. He had to have surgery to repair the leg & then I became his surrogate mom. Due to all of the medications he had to have and the stress he's been through... his intestinal system began to shut down. He
has lost all of the gut flora & "good bacteria." We almost lost him a few times in the past few days & now that the Critical Care is here, I just know we'll see improvement as it comes highly recommended by the university exotic animal doctors.

I've attached pics of Gilbert. He is with me 24/7 & I love him so much.

Again ...thank you so very much for your kindness & Gilbert sends kangaroo kisses to each of you! Words cannot express my gratitude...just Thank you!



While we aim to serve the niche market of house rabbit owners, over the years there have been a number of different types of customers, and we love them all!

CarrotBeat the Summer Heat with a Petwerks T-shirt
by Amy Young-Leith

By request, we now have Petwerks t-shirts in stock! Of course, we printed using a local screen printer, Pacific Sign and Screen Printers in Turner, Oregon. They are located just behind our own small business! We chose two shades of a stylish and popular sage/moss green; both colors look great on men and women. The print is on the back, without any printing on the front. There aren't many ways to show your love of buns in t-shirts, so add this one to your collection quick, before they are all gone!

We offer unisex sizes from Small to XXL. Preshrunk, soft and thick cotton will last well if you simply wash it in cool water while turned inside out (design inside for protection).

Find these and more fun items in The Petwerks Boutique! The dark green is shown on the left, and the light green on the right.

And no, Scot doesn't have a twin; I just used a tripod to shoot the photos, then did a little Photoshop magic! :-)

Carrot Petwerks Helps Out at Bunnyfest
by Amy Young-Leith

Our friends at The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast sent us a thank you letter for our recent donation.

Bunfest 2011 was a HUGE success!!!!!!!!

We raised over $800 for the rabbits! We got into two news papers and had over 300 people at the event! I groomed over 42 rabbits, this was the first year we had it so next year bigger and better and we have learned from are mistakes this year. We hope that you will want to participate next year too! You can check out the photos on are Facebook page www.facebook.com/humanesocietyTC I am posting the photos as they come in under "bunfest 2011 album. Thank you again for your support!!!

Sara Kyle
The Humane Society of the Treasure Coast

Carrot Gallery of Beautiful Buns
by Amy Young-Leith

This adorable little bun, Gir, is such a cutie. He looks like he's stepin' out!

This is Sundance Kid, we call him just Sundance or Fuzzbutt for short. He came to us from RiversWish rabbit rescue. Very much a lover and a player. ~Heidi and Heath

Hello my name is Jessica and I have been a customer of yours for over two years now. I am very pleased with all of the products that I have bought from you for my sweet bunny Bucky. I was wondering about the Hairbuster comb I saw on your site. My bunny is I guess what you consider a velvet fur bunny. It is short and really compact. I was told by the breeder I got him from that I would not be able to brush or comb him because it would destroy his hair. Currently Bucky is shedding like crazy because he is losing his winter hair and transitioning to summer hair. My poor husband has been sneezing his head off and I have tried wetting my hands and running them over Bucky to remove excess hair. When I first saw your site I saw pictures of your bunnies and noticed that your brown and white bunnies look like they have the same fur as my bunny. If so do you use the Hairbuster to remove their excess hair? I am desperate to find something but I don't want to buy something that will destroy my beautiful red velvet bunnies hair. Please let me know. I would appreciate any help you could give.
Thank you,
Jessica D.

Yes, Jessica, the Hairbuster comb will work wonders. His fur is so short, however, that you can also simply groom him with your hands. Make sure your hands are well moisturized. Run your hands down over his body, full length, and you'll be amazed at how much fur comes out. Simply pluck, gently, any little tufts that are sticking out. Just be gentle. He'll love the attention!

Carrot Online Fun
by Amy Young-Leith

It's Time for Thyme!
Thyme is an easy to grow herb that's great for culinary use, and for buns! Check out Phyllis O'Beollain's blog for a little snippet more! She periodically posts information of interest to those with small animals, including rabbits.

Bunnies Gigantis Historic Relatives?
Gigantic bunnies once hopped around Minorca! A piece from Livescience.com.

Year of the Rabbit Public Art Project
Beautiful colorful rabbit statues! http://www.stclairsuperior.org/yearoftheRABBIT_photos.html

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