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Treat Your Bun for Valentine's Day and Win Big!
Our Recent Floodwater Adventures
News From Around the Warren

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CarrotTreat Your Bun for Valentine's Day and Win Big!
by Amy Young-Leith

Valentine's Day BasketTo help you try new items and keep your bunny's curiosity quenched, we've created a variety of fun new treat baskets. Each basket gives you a deal, by saving money on the overall cost of the items included. Bigger baskets offer bigger savings. AND, for each basket you buy between now and March 31, 2012 you will entered to win a Fantastic Big Basket with over $60 of fun products. Buy one basket, and you have one chance to win; buy ten baskets and you have ten chances to win. Whether you buy in one order, two orders, etc. your purchased of baskets from now through March 31, 2012 enters you to win a special big basket of goodies, shipped to you free!

We'll start off with this inexpensive and adorable Valentine's Pack at a whopping 25% off! At under $10, you may be able to give one to MORE than one Valentine on your list! These baskets are a great way to gift a foster bunny at your local shelter or rabbit rescue, as well!

Silver Gift Basket Silver Gift Basket

If you want more goodies, the Silver Gift Pack has a 15% discount on the items contained within.

Go Gold with the Gold Gift Pack with a 20% savings.

Silver Gift Basket

Or if you love toys and treats for your bun AND you love a great deal, grab the Platinum Gift Pack that comes in at a 30% discount! That's like getting a third of the items FREE!

Below is a sample of what's in the Fantastic Big Basket that you could win! There's nothing for you to do other than place your order; we'll keep track and pick a winner at random, but your entries are weighted by the number of baskets you've ordered, whether you order once or ten times in the period between now and March 31, 2012.

Win this big basket of goodies for Easter

CarrotOur Recent Floodwater Adventures
by Amy Young-Leith

Photo from The Oregonian Our office, shop and warehouse is located in Turner, Oregon. We now know what happens when Turner gets 6.02 inches of rain in 48 hours.

It floods. Quickly.

Thursday started with a phone call early in the morning; Shayne stated the little town of Turner was flooded and he couldn't get to Petwerks due to flooded roads and municipal blockades. To make a long story short, early in the morning Scot raced to Turner, just 7 miles from our home. He was able to park about 1/4 mile away, and walk down the railroad track's raised berm to get to Petwerks. (We live in a 1950's ranch neighborhood north of downtown Salem; our claim to fame is being close to the State Mental Hospital where One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest was filmed. The only way we'd flood here is if a water pipe burst in our home--and I'd know how to shut that off.)

The waters of Mill Creek were six feet from the the Petwerks office front door, and you could see it moving closer. (You have to understand, my husband is an amazing cool cucumber in times of stress; but even he admits seeing that unstoppable water advancing scared him). A man passing by said the waters rose six feet in the last two hours and were coming faster. "You've got about an hour and a half, by my estimate."

Running the quarter mile back to the car multiple times with bunnies in carriers and basic supplies wore them out. The bunnies were safe and dry... but crammed into my little Volkswagon Beetle! Because, of course, his truck had been in the shop all week.

Our two heroes returned to the shop and spent an hour RAISING anything they could. Computers put up on bookcases, tools put up on shelves, stock moved from bottom shelves to higher shelves, and a table saw on three pallets upon which the dust collection system was stacked -- a woodworker's Leaning Tower of Pisa!

As Scot left the area, the police put up barricades literally right behind him; he was the last one out of that area. Before he got back to the highway, he crossed multiple areas of flooded road, and admits to having a tight grip on the steering wheel while crossing some pretty deep stretches of water rushing across the road. (Of course, 5 inches is "pretty deep" in a Beetle.)

I work downtown in Salem; the Pringle Creek behind the small campus of buildings of my employer overflowed to fill up parks, then parking lots, and finally our parking structure, then one of our lower buildings. Next the sewers stopped working, so the rest rooms in our 7 story building were closed, and shortly thereafter our CEO walked into a manager's meeting wearing her rubber boots and said they were closing our building.

The waters rose quickly, and we spent the afternoon watching news reports with some shocking pictures. Shocking to me, anyway, I've never experienced a flood. The bunnies were set up safely in our garage in a series of x-pens. As advocates of having an emergency plan that you plan, practice, and make ceratin you are equipped for, we had them set up in no time. We did have to borrow some x-pens as no more would fit into the little Beetle!

Scot and I are of the nature to do what is within our power, and then try our best not to sweat what we cannot change. With the bunnies safe and both of us off work due to flooding, we tried to relax on Thursday and Friday, and watched the Willamette River measurements crest, and then watched the waters retreat on the news. Friday afternoon we ventured back out to Turner, prepared for damage. We drove by many homes with all doors open, owners walking around in rubber boots, soaked carpets lying on lawns.

The house that is right across the road from our business was waterlogged. But somehow, we were dry. Not a single drop of water inside the doors or walls. The water had to have come right up and kissed the front step, but... we're just a SMIDGE higher than what surrounds us.

But it was enough.

Today, Monday, Scot was there early. Juggling trying to put things back in order and processing orders, he got caught up, filling almost every order we'd received over the past four days! Once things are smoothed out in the next few days, he and I are going to take a week off, but during this time Petwerks will continue to ship orders thanks to Shayne! The office will be closed Noon on Wednesday January 25th through Friday February 3rd, and phone callsand emails will be returned when we are back.

Help us out by placing an order while we're gone. Keep us busy. :) Thanks to everyone who gave us their thoughts and prayers; they seem to have worked.

CarrotNews from Around the Warren
by Amy Young-Leith

We were in the NY Post. Well, sorta.
Thanks to Elizabeth, Robyn and Chopper for pointing this out...

Dear Scot,

If you look at the bottom photo in this article, you can clearly recognize one of your condos!


Best wishes from satisfied customers,

Elisabeth, Robyn and Chopper

Customer Love...


I want to drop you a line to say how much Benjamin, my 10 pound Champagne D'Argent is enjoying his condo I splurged on at tax time last year! He utilizes all levels at different times and occasions and is very comfortable in it. I feel so much better when I go to work every day knowing he has got more space to occupy than that one level cage he used to have. I am so pleased with the excellent workmanship-it is sturdy and nice to look at too! Thanks very much!

Ellen and Benjamin

Thank YOU, Ellen and Benjamin!

And I'll leave you with this adorable visage... Thanks to Lorena for sharing!

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