• Price includes shipping to-your-door in the continental US.
  • Makes keeping your bunny safe and secure a breeze.
  • More sizes, configurations, and options than ANY other bunny home.
  • Proudly hand crafted in the USA.
  • Solid, easy clean flooring to protect your bunny's feet.
  • Easy to use ramps and large doorways. Doorways are 12" x 16" 
  • Secure, adjustable doors open sideways for bunny's safety - NO drop down doors...ever!
  • Built with heavy grade all bunny-safe materials to last and last.
    • Can hold over 250 pounds...we checked. Others don't even come close.
  • Environmentally sustainable materials and business practices.
  • Your purchase supports rabbit rescue AND reforestation tree planting.
  • A true HOME for your bunny that you can be proud of and feel good about.

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Price: $499.99

    Item #: BA200
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    Many pet homes are small and cramped. The Bunny Abode products provide ample space for your pet to relax and play in. Larger than nearly all other products on the market, this home provides eight square feet of living space per level. With a height of 21 inches in each level, there is room to stretch up (or telescope"). And at up to 48 inches wide and 23 inches deep, there's plenty of room to stretch out and relax. It's like giving your pet their own mansion!

    Bunny Abode Condos include many features that make them the perfect housing for litterbox trained house rabbits.

    Please read this page that illustrates, in detail, the features of the Bunny Abode Condo line.

    This 48 inch Double Level Bunny Abode Condo is the perfect solution for the average size rabbit (3-10 LB), the house rabbit that must spend a portion of his day confined (while you are at work, for instance), or for the smaller rabbit who spends the majority of his time confined to his home, for whatever reason. Well bonded pairs of small to medium sized rabbits will love this home as well.

    The Double Level Bunny Abode Condo comes complete all these features:

    • Furniture-quality, heavy duty casters that make moving easy, whether over hard floors or carpeting
    • Solid floor with textured plastic bottom, Bottom Level Floors are not
      carpeted. You may order a carpet for this level separately if you would
      like one.
    • Wire walls (mesh measures 1 inch x 2 inch)
    • Two 12 inch tall x 16 inch wide doors (one on each level), trimmed in plastic (trim color will vary based on availability) for safety and comfort
    • Carpeted ramp with Rumble Strips for added traction leading to the second level
    • Cut-to-fit carpeting laid over the flooring on the second level
    • Solid top which can easily hold a number of light items such as plants, decorative items, or bunny care supplies
    • If you would like yours Foster Style to create two separate living spaces, please ask for this in the Comments Field of the order form
    • Very easy assembly!

    This home measures 48 inch wide, 23 inch deep, 43 inch tall, and weighs approximately 70 LB.

    ** The carpet is now gray, as the green is no longer available! **

    Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:
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    • Easy to assemble
    • Quality construction
    • Practical
    • Functional
    (Emailed review from our customer E.R on 12/10/21)

    I purchased the 48 inch 2 level bunny condo in December of 2019 for my bunny, then had to have the 36 inch one level condo for my daughters bunny in December of that same year. For Christmas this year I surprised her with the 2 foot tall under the cage cabinet custom made for her existing condo. It was shipped so quickly and as I write this she has already put it together by herself. She loves it so much. Quality construction and practical and functional too. We are huge fans. Oh also the ramp, we bought that so he can freely come and go when supervised it goes from the cage opening to the floor of her apartment. Yay!!!

    Bunny Love

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    • well-made
    • great investment
    • quality materials
    • safe for rabbits
    I researched for the best habitat for a bunny. This is an investment that is worth every penny. We wanted to give Bunny space. She made it up the ramp right away - she's about 6 months old. We attached a high pet cage and can prop the lower door open and she has even more room to roam. Excellent quality. Helped to have my daughter help me assemble, but everything actually fits together!

    Awesome home for your bunnies

    review-star review-star review-star review-star review-star
    I became a rabbit owner by surprise and wasted quite a bit of money buying two cages that were not nearly big enough to provide any quality of life for my two bonded bunnies.

    After extensive research I happened upon Leith Petwerks and knew this was the solution. I purchased the double bunny abode and plan on adding a new level soon. Honestly though the two level is pretty darn roomy. Both my girls can now stretch, periscope, and move freely around. The instantly took to the ramp and even started binking all around the top level.

    A tip if your rabbit is not yet potty trained. I found fleece cage liners on etsy and had someone make them to size (even including cutout) and they are working great!

    Thanks for such a quality awesome product. This makes owning rabbits a heck of a lot easier!

    Happy bunnies!

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    I'm a fussy rabbit mom of two 5lb bunnies. I work long hours and wanted a space that was safe, secure, easy to clean, aesthetically pleasing, and one that gives them plenty of room to stretch their legs.

    Had it for over a year and it fits the bill. It took my first one about 6 months to realize he could go up there (jeez), but he figured it out on the millionth treat trail. I *love* that you can swing the ramp up and have two separate spaces--very helpful for cleaning, 24-hour flea medicine quarantines, etc.

    Lots of accessories to add in! Over time I got hay feeders, a shelf to the second floor, carpets, jumbo water crocs....these brats want for nothing. They get all these amenities and they don't even pay rent!

    This is a respectable, bunny and environmentally conscious business and their products are worth every penny!