36 inch Bunny Abode Replacement Parts

How do you know if you have a 36 inch Bunny Abode (versus the larger 48 inch model)? Measure it from side to side! Use a ruler, measuring tape or a yard stick. If you have none of those, remember that a dollar bill is approximately 6 inches wide! If your condo is SIX dollar bills wide... then you have a 36 inch Bunny Abode! If your condo is eight dollar bills wide, then you have a 48 inch Bunny Abode Condo. Please measure carefully before ordering!!

48 inch Bunny Abode Condos | 36 inch Bunny Abode Condos

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Condo Components

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48 inch solid condo top 48 inch wire wall 48 inch condo middle 48 inch condo bottom Condo ramp Caster 4 pack